Education in rural Karnataka

Kudugal Interview

Our recent adventures took us through educational institutions in the cities, towns, and villages of Kudugal, Bangalore, Mysore, Tumkur, and rural Karnataka, and have set the foundation for future work in social projects of all kinds. We were absolutely amazed at all the schools we visited, both by the wonderful, hard-working staff and by the eager, thoughtful, and reverent students.

The trip exposed us to quite a variety of education systems. From the rural government school in Kudugal, to the non-governmental organization run school in Mysore, to the integrated, progressive private school in Tumkur, we obtained a broad overview of the educational opportunities available to the children of Karnataka. Perhaps the best part was the incredible level of enthusiasm exhibited by everyone we met. It was amazing to see and we look forward to building our relationship with everyone as we work together towards a better education for the children. Because, after all, they are the future.

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