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Kudugal 2011, Picking up trash with the kids - courtesy of Jess Lance Films



We returned to the school in Kudugal with a few fun and educational activities for the kids, and this time we were joined by our professional filmmaker Jess who recorded the day's events and has put together some sweet short videos.

We encouraged the kids to clean up the environment, picking up all the bits of garbage, candy wrappers and such, that were scattered around the school grounds.

A few of them kept adding sticks and dead grass into the trash bin, challenging societal preconceptions of what it means to be garbage. Or perhaps the idea was to intersperse readily compostable materials throughout the various human waste items so that everything would have adequate opportunity to decompose. So things like paper and food scraps wouldn't be smothered by the plastic bits, ultimately reducing anaerobic processes and benefiting the soil microfaunal biodiversity. Brilliant.

Of course picking up garbage is in itself always great fun, and when we finished the place was absolutely beautiful.


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